Nov. 28th, 2011

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central square of blackstone, with symmetrical beads on either side: faceted purple glass dodecahedron, swirly blue-and-brown 6mm jasper bead, tiny iolite bead

chalk one up earrings
Iolite, blue sky jasper, czech fire-polished glass, blackstone

So this morning I was going through our listings because Etsy has pulled this absolute crap with their search algorithms and words in the title now count for something like ten times the weight of materials in the, you know, materials tags so you now have to put all your ingredients in the title of the listing or else it won't show up in the search results, thanks so much Etsy. I was working from the back of the listings, and when I got to this one, I had to stop and think, oh, wow, those are awesome -- oh wait, I made them. Right. (I do this a lot. My horrible memory means that I am never bored.)

True fact: the iolite beads on the top and bottom of the earrings were so tiny, and so thinly drilled, that I cracked something like a dozen of them trying to open them up enough to fit the eyepin. If we named earrings by what I was muttering when I made them, these would be the Goddamn It Not Another Fucking Broken One earrings. *g*


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