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synecdochic ([personal profile] synecdochic) wrote in [community profile] faultlesspajama2012-06-04 12:06 am

Faultless Pajama update

We are so behind on photographing and listing items, but tonight brings a small update: 12 new sets of stitch markers in the Stitch Markers: Full Size section, ranging from cute and playful to ooh-la-la.

We've also heard from a few people that our categorizing jewelry into different "lines" based on the look-and-feel of the design was making it harder for them to find things they're interested in, so we've abandoned that categorization and gone back to the basics: earrings, necklaces/pendants, bracelets, and jewelry sets with two or more matching items, along with keeping the existing stitch markers (full sized and lace/mini) and general geekery & fandom categories.

We pulled down a bunch of listings to bring to our neighborhood yard sale two weekends ago, which is why the offerings look a little sparse at the moment, but over the next few days I'll be adding back in the items that were de-listed. Many of them will be given a deep discount and moved into a new "clearance" section, where they will be offered at deep discount and given a last chance to live: these are generally older items that have been up for sale for a while and the Etsy renewal fees are adding up, so anything in the Clearance section will only be renewed once more before being permanently removed from the shop. So, if you see anything you like there, act now or forever lose your chance! I'll update again to let people know when we've finished our inventory and I've finished editing all the listings.

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