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jewelry of the day (26 nov): the princess is in another castle earrings

three acrylic cubes of alternating white and colored stripes, separated by matte purple glass beads; from top to bottom the color stripes are pink, orange, yellow

the princess is in another castle earrings
acrylic, glass beads, a healthy dose of nostalgia

The minute the cubes arrived, I took one look at them and said, "Oh my God, the only way they could be more perfect Super Mario Brothers cubes would be if they had a "?" on the side of them." That bag of beads have been "the Mario cubes" ever since. ("Hey, baby, do you know where I left the Mario cubes?" "They're in the other drawer.")

They make fun stitch markers, too.

(Also, when I was 13, I was totally writing mental fic where Princess Peach said 'screw it' and rescued herself. I'm pretty sure I was shipping her with Smurfette.)

The lighting angle is a little hard to see in this photo, but the beads in between each cube are matte purple glass crow beads.

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Oh, those are darling. I really like the stitch markers!