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jewelry of the day (1 october 2011): green ladder earrings

Green Ladder Earrings: green glass alternating with silver-plated bars that swing wildly

green ladder earrings
glass beads, silver plated toggle clasp components
(faultless pajama guest star item)

This pair of earrings was actually made by [personal profile] reginagiraffe, who comes over once a week for TV night. (We're currently watching Alien Nation; after that we'll probably go for Battlestar Galactica.) I was working on making stitch markers one night; we use half a toggle clasp for the part that goes over the needle, which leaves us with a lot of the other half of the toggle. "I have to be able to figure out something to do with these," Regina said one night, and promptly produced this pair of earrings.

(Regina also works with polyclay, and found the toggles make great molds to fold the polyclay over, producing polyclay pieces that easily string onto wire or thread. You can see an example of those in the Aqua Flower Earrings.)

If you're a beader or a polyclay bead maker too, and want some of the toggles, let me know; we have approximately four tons of the damn things and would be happy to hand them over!

A reminder, we will be exhibiting today at the Trinity Fall Festival in downtown Towson. Drop in and see us; mention this newsletter for a discount of $5 additional off any purchase of $50 or more, in addition to the $5 off each additional item purchased after the first item.
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Very cool; I really enjoy these promotional posts and the details behind the jewelry creation. *wants to take up beading again so very badly*

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Oh, those are gorgeous!