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jewelry of the day (28 september 2011): lucite hello kitty earrings

Lucite Hello Kitty Earrings: gold and white seed beads, pink swarovski crystal, pinkish-purple clear hello kitty beads

lucite hello kitty earrings
glass seed beads, swarovski crystal, lucite hello kitty charms

A friend of ours and I have been on a Hello Kitty war for the past few years: we find the most outrageous HK-themed things possible to give to each other. (Okay, sometimes I keep them for myself; my two favorite pairs of lounging-pants are Hello Kitty pants I picked up at the store in the Japan pavillion in Epcot on one of our latest trips.) This set of beads was an Etsy find of hers; she sent them to us (and also included a set of really awesome lampwork beads -- she called them an apology for inflicting these on us).

I rather adore these. The Swarovski crystals sparkle beautifully, and set off the Hello Kitty beads perfectly. The perfect touch of whimsy!
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*explodes from awesome*
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eeeee, these make me wish i could wear jewelry! SO CUTE!!! KITTY!!!