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jewelry of the day (24 sept 2011): geologic ages necklace

Geologic Ages Necklace: 6mm red tiger eye, black obsidian, and chevron amethyst beads, each separated by a 4mm silkstone bead

geologic ages necklace
red tiger eye (heated), black obsidian (natural), chevron amethyst (natural), silkstone (natural)

I'd been having an earrings phase, where I was "stuck" making stick earrings after stick earrings. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like making stick earrings, and with the variety of ingredients we have, we can make a lot of different stick earrings. But I was still in a rut. So one night I decided that I was going to lay out all the baggies of pretty stones we had and start putting together necklaces for a week or so.

This was one of the results from that first night; I was aiming for something lightweight and elegant, that could be either dressed up or dressed down based on what you wear with it. The resulting necklace is one that Sarah steals out of the for-sale bin at least once a week to wear to work! (She's our best walking advertisement.)

I love red tiger eye and the way it catches the light, and this particular necklace has a ton of that gorgeous tiger-eye chatoyance. It pairs beautifully with the banded striations of the chevron amethyst, and the rich veins running through the silkstone complement them both beautifully.

And as a side note, the bowl it was photographed in, up there, was one of my dad's. He'd been giving Sarah a tour of the workshop, and she picked up that bowl, which he'd finished a week or so before, and could not stop touching it; it has that nice silken feel that really good wood gets when it's been lovingly hand-turned and hand-finished. She only reluctantly parted with it, and when she opened one of her larger packages at Christmas, she was delighted to find it there. Keep an eye out for the listing of some of the bowls in Dad's shop in these upcoming weeks: Stephen Paolucci's Wood Artistry.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I have spent the last two weeks frantically making up stuff for the Trinity Fall Festival. The festival is in downtown Towson this coming Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, and we'll be there with bells on, testing out some of our ideas about display and presentation in the hopes of doing future craft shows. If you're local, come and see us! The festival is free, and if you mention this blog, we'll give you $5 off any purchase of $50 or more.

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