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jewelry of the day (9 september 2011): august nights earrings

dark emerald/evergreen-colored chips of emerald, on both top and bottom of 7mm round garnet beads of a dark blood-red color

august nights earrings
emerald (oiled), garnet (dyed)

We were amazed to find that one of our major suppliers has genuine, high-quality emerald for such an affordable price, and so despite not generally being fond of chips, we pounced on the opportunity. I was afraid that pairing the emerald with garnet would result in a red-green Christmasy feel, but the deep, deep blood-red garnet and the varied shades of green in the emeralds saves the design from being gaudy.

The emerald is nearly impossible to photograph accurately. The colors range from a pale spring-green to a dark evergreen, and the way the edges catch and reflect light is just fascinating. The garnet, meanwhile, is so deep red that it looks almost black unless it's strongly backlit, like a good red wine or like a dark red velvet.

To me, these earrings feel like sprawling out in a hammock at sunset in summer with the leaves blowing around and above you, showing off their thousands of shades of green, while sipping a glass of red wine and watching the sky slowly darken. Hence the name!

Meanwhile: we'll be vending at the Trinity Fall Festival in Towson, MD on 1 October. If you're in the area, stop by for exclusive designs and brand-new items!
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Broke. *sad*
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