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Shop update: necklaces, earrings

We're starting to catch up on our severe backlog of items -- I took the opportunity afforded by my laptop being mostly out of commission to spend all weekend photographing. The first of what will no doubt be many updates is now live: 12 necklaces and 12 pairs of earrings, all visible on the front page of the Faultless Pajama Foundry.

I'm going to try to hold myself to "list items at least once a week", too! I MEAN IT THIS TIME.
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Faultless Pajama update

We are so behind on photographing and listing items, but tonight brings a small update: 12 new sets of stitch markers in the Stitch Markers: Full Size section, ranging from cute and playful to ooh-la-la.

We've also heard from a few people that our categorizing jewelry into different "lines" based on the look-and-feel of the design was making it harder for them to find things they're interested in, so we've abandoned that categorization and gone back to the basics: earrings, necklaces/pendants, bracelets, and jewelry sets with two or more matching items, along with keeping the existing stitch markers (full sized and lace/mini) and general geekery & fandom categories.

We pulled down a bunch of listings to bring to our neighborhood yard sale two weekends ago, which is why the offerings look a little sparse at the moment, but over the next few days I'll be adding back in the items that were de-listed. Many of them will be given a deep discount and moved into a new "clearance" section, where they will be offered at deep discount and given a last chance to live: these are generally older items that have been up for sale for a while and the Etsy renewal fees are adding up, so anything in the Clearance section will only be renewed once more before being permanently removed from the shop. So, if you see anything you like there, act now or forever lose your chance! I'll update again to let people know when we've finished our inventory and I've finished editing all the listings.
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jewelry of the day (28 nov): chalk one up earrings

central square of blackstone, with symmetrical beads on either side: faceted purple glass dodecahedron, swirly blue-and-brown 6mm jasper bead, tiny iolite bead

chalk one up earrings
Iolite, blue sky jasper, czech fire-polished glass, blackstone

So this morning I was going through our listings because Etsy has pulled this absolute crap with their search algorithms and words in the title now count for something like ten times the weight of materials in the, you know, materials tags so you now have to put all your ingredients in the title of the listing or else it won't show up in the search results, thanks so much Etsy. I was working from the back of the listings, and when I got to this one, I had to stop and think, oh, wow, those are awesome -- oh wait, I made them. Right. (I do this a lot. My horrible memory means that I am never bored.)

True fact: the iolite beads on the top and bottom of the earrings were so tiny, and so thinly drilled, that I cracked something like a dozen of them trying to open them up enough to fit the eyepin. If we named earrings by what I was muttering when I made them, these would be the Goddamn It Not Another Fucking Broken One earrings. *g*
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jewelry of the day (26 nov): the princess is in another castle earrings

three acrylic cubes of alternating white and colored stripes, separated by matte purple glass beads; from top to bottom the color stripes are pink, orange, yellow

the princess is in another castle earrings
acrylic, glass beads, a healthy dose of nostalgia

The minute the cubes arrived, I took one look at them and said, "Oh my God, the only way they could be more perfect Super Mario Brothers cubes would be if they had a "?" on the side of them." That bag of beads have been "the Mario cubes" ever since. ("Hey, baby, do you know where I left the Mario cubes?" "They're in the other drawer.")

They make fun stitch markers, too.

(Also, when I was 13, I was totally writing mental fic where Princess Peach said 'screw it' and rescued herself. I'm pretty sure I was shipping her with Smurfette.)

The lighting angle is a little hard to see in this photo, but the beads in between each cube are matte purple glass crow beads.

Reminder: code THANKSGIVING11 will be valid for 20% off on your order until Sunday night.
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jewelry of the day (25 nov): imperial egg stitch markers

set of 6 oval stitch markers, new jade ranging from light grass green & mottled to very pale grey-green

imperial egg stitch markers
new jade (serpentine), green line jasper, red tiger eye

so, my loyal pajama-ites, i have a confession to make, one that will not surprise many of you in the least: i kind of totally adore new jade. i don't care if it's not really jade. i don't care if it's actually something like 20 different varieties of stone and therefore it's hard to know what people mean when they say it. I don't care if it's easily mistaken for other stones. I just adore it, especially the sea-green and the mottled new jade versions.

I did not think this would be a surprise to any of you.

I love it most for the way it feels when you touch it: cool long after your body heat should be warming it, smooth and satiny. It's like your thumb slides straight over it. I have been known to keep larger new jade coins as worry stones next to my desk, so of course when I was thinking of which gemstones I should make stitch markers out of, it was the first thought.

We updated the shop today with 20+ new sets of stitch markers, and this is one of the new batches! Although this collection is only half of the stitch markers we have to list -- Sarah ran out of oompfh while photographing, before we had to get on the road for the holidays -- you can pretty clearly see that the batch divides into two main conceits: a) pretty glass beads and b) over-the-top luxurious gemstone beads. There's also a collection of smaller markers, for those of us who are more sock-and-lace based and prefer their stitch markers smaller.

There will be more updates over the next few weeks -- hopefully we will be able to catch up with the backlog that started when Sarah was working part-time for a while and I had one hand out of commission!

Reminder: code THANKSGIVING11 will be valid for 20% off on your order until Sunday night.
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Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Start off your holiday shopping in style, with the Faultless Pajama touch. From now until Sunday night, use discount code THANKSGIVING11 for 20% off your order.
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jewelry of the day (24 nov): little black necklace

necklace made of irregular pearls and 6mm black onyx beads, separated by 4mm silver plated brass beads

little black necklace
freshwater pearls, black agate, silver plated brass

This is totally the necklace that goes with the little black dress.
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jewelry of the i swear i will get back to posting jewelry of the day (21 november): clockwork heart

pendant made of dismantled clockwork with a pin dangling from it holding a clear and foil glass heart, with deep blue swarovski crystal accent beneath the heart

clockwork heart pendant
clockwork, lampworked glass, swarovski crystal

The clockwork came from a "miscellaneous watch parts" assortment we bought; when the assortment arrived with this full piece of a watch in it, I couldn't resist making it the focus of a pendant. I really love the combination of the clockwork and the slightly-battered lampworked heart bead; we had more perfect hearts to use, but every one I tried to pair with this looked wrong, until I went for one of the less perfect ones and thought, oh, yes. Of course the heart needs to be a little bit beaten up. Why else would you want the clockwork for it?
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jewelry of the day (1 october 2011): green ladder earrings

Green Ladder Earrings: green glass alternating with silver-plated bars that swing wildly

green ladder earrings
glass beads, silver plated toggle clasp components
(faultless pajama guest star item)

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If you're a beader or a polyclay bead maker too, and want some of the toggles, let me know; we have approximately four tons of the damn things and would be happy to hand them over!

A reminder, we will be exhibiting today at the Trinity Fall Festival in downtown Towson. Drop in and see us; mention this newsletter for a discount of $5 additional off any purchase of $50 or more, in addition to the $5 off each additional item purchased after the first item.
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jewelry of the day (24 sept 2011): geologic ages necklace

Geologic Ages Necklace: 6mm red tiger eye, black obsidian, and chevron amethyst beads, each separated by a 4mm silkstone bead

geologic ages necklace
red tiger eye (heated), black obsidian (natural), chevron amethyst (natural), silkstone (natural)

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And as a side note, the bowl it was photographed in, up there, was one of my dad's. He'd been giving Sarah a tour of the workshop, and she picked up that bowl, which he'd finished a week or so before, and could not stop touching it; it has that nice silken feel that really good wood gets when it's been lovingly hand-turned and hand-finished. She only reluctantly parted with it, and when she opened one of her larger packages at Christmas, she was delighted to find it there. Keep an eye out for the listing of some of the bowls in Dad's shop in these upcoming weeks: Stephen Paolucci's Wood Artistry.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I have spent the last two weeks frantically making up stuff for the Trinity Fall Festival. The festival is in downtown Towson this coming Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, and we'll be there with bells on, testing out some of our ideas about display and presentation in the hopes of doing future craft shows. If you're local, come and see us! The festival is free, and if you mention this blog, we'll give you $5 off any purchase of $50 or more.
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jewelry of the day (9 september 2011): august nights earrings

dark emerald/evergreen-colored chips of emerald, on both top and bottom of 7mm round garnet beads of a dark blood-red color

august nights earrings
emerald (oiled), garnet (dyed)

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Meanwhile: we'll be vending at the Trinity Fall Festival in Towson, MD on 1 October. If you're in the area, stop by for exclusive designs and brand-new items!
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September Open Thread

This is the open thread for September! Ask us questions, leave comments, tell us what your favorite Faultless Pajama Foundry piece in the shop is, or share pictures of you wearing Faultless Pajama designs.
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jewelry of the day (6 sept 2011): philosopher's stone earrings

Philosopher's Stone Earrings: triangular deep blue lapis lazuli (with significant copper-colored inclusions), shiny copper spacer bead, long rectangular light-blue aquamarine, with a hammered-flat copper wire spiral at the bottom of each earring.

philosopher's stone earrings
deep blue lapis lazuli (natural), light blue aquamarine (dyed/heated), copper

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