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jewelry of the day (6 sept 2011): philosopher's stone earrings

Philosopher's Stone Earrings: triangular deep blue lapis lazuli (with significant copper-colored inclusions), shiny copper spacer bead, long rectangular light-blue aquamarine, with a hammered-flat copper wire spiral at the bottom of each earring.

philosopher's stone earrings
deep blue lapis lazuli (natural), light blue aquamarine (dyed/heated), copper

Our last order from Fire Mountain Gems included a number of gemstone assortments, including two packs of lapis lazuli and one of aquamarine. I love assortments (doesn't matter what kind -- gemstone, glass, acrylic, you name it) because they spark creativity; seeing things lying side-by-side in the ziplock bag can sometimes inspire things you never would've put together otherwise.

The lapis, when it got here, was one of my favorites out of that order. There's this incredible richness to the stones that needs to be seen to be believed. I spread the two packs out on our beading board to combine them (we bought two because the bargain was incredible) and had to stop and make this pair of earrings right there. The coppery flecks of the inclusions seemed to cry out to be paired with copper wire and copper beads.

This was the first time I'd tried to use hammered wire in one of my designs -- Sarah had been playing with hammering wire for a few weeks -- and I enjoyed it considerably. I've been thinking of other ways to use the technique while pairing it with gemstones. (I'm the gemstone lover of the two of us. She's the one who's more inclined to be drawn towards hardware and wire.)