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jewelry of the i swear i will get back to posting jewelry of the day (21 november): clockwork heart

pendant made of dismantled clockwork with a pin dangling from it holding a clear and foil glass heart, with deep blue swarovski crystal accent beneath the heart

clockwork heart pendant
clockwork, lampworked glass, swarovski crystal

The clockwork came from a "miscellaneous watch parts" assortment we bought; when the assortment arrived with this full piece of a watch in it, I couldn't resist making it the focus of a pendant. I really love the combination of the clockwork and the slightly-battered lampworked heart bead; we had more perfect hearts to use, but every one I tried to pair with this looked wrong, until I went for one of the less perfect ones and thought, oh, yes. Of course the heart needs to be a little bit beaten up. Why else would you want the clockwork for it?

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